Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Honesty.  I have been hearing this word a lot recently. I have a feeling most of us want honesty.  I know I do. Be truthful.  Say you were wrong.  I'd rather tell someone that I made a mistake and apologize.  Is that so hard to do?  I'm beginning to think it is.  No one is always right.  And I'm not talking about being brutally honest because that hurts. If you feel you always have to be honest, you also have to be ready to accept the consequences. . Maybe, being truthful isn't that important anymore.  I'd hate to think that.

Honesty and cancer.  I know it is difficult to be honest with ourselves.  If my body isn't feeling right, I need to ask myself, "Why is that?"  Denial is a wonderful coping mechanism but it has only hurt me in the long run.  If I am honest and aware something is wrong, I need to get it checked.  I know that the reason I am in remission today is due to early detection and immediate action. Where this gets tricky is that we often have to depend on the expertise and knowledge of our Doctors. That's where sharing our knowledge with each other and giving support is key. Be sure to check out your Doctor's credentials. Ask questions.  Don't be afraid of what anyone thinks?  It's your treatment.  I think anyone reading this blog would agree with me.  Finally, it is your life and you need to be in charge .  It's much easier to turn it over to someone else, but being in charge is priceless. With cancer, unfortunately, no one has all the answers and there is the element of trial and error.  Many of you are in clinical trials where outcomes are unpredictable.  All I can say is "trust your gut."  It's the best indicator of how you're feeling. Spend some time meditating or just being alone to sort out your feelings.  I've learned that the more honest I am with myself, the more honest I can be with others.

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