Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Physical pain:
We all know pain.  It is one of our body's vital signs that signals alarm. We are in crisis.  I find it amazing that each of us, especially those undergoing trials, can endure such high thresholds of it. Pain can also be intensified by fibromyalgia syndrome, which includes fatigue, disturbed sleep, and joint stiffness.

Cancer and emotional pain:
I feel the same is true of our emotions. Often, we can be in extreme emotional pain.  Sadness, depression, obsession, fear, anxiety, to name a few. This pain is not as visible, but it is still there.  Unfortunately, because it is invisible, it is often ignored by both the world and the individual.  Recently, I learned that pain can be increased by lack of serotonin, which is also an indicator of depression. But, which came first? Often knowing and fighting cancer is depressing. Anti-depressants can help some people. Can they also decrease physical pain? What is the link?   We need to identify our emotions before we can change them. Can you ignore them?  I know I've repressed feelings rather than face reality  We've all done it.  Maybe, it's a transition.  A transition to accepting the reality. Maybe not.  It's a thought.  One I'd like to share with you. Try it on.  See what you think.  If you like, let me know.

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