Friday, January 31, 2014

Cosmic Waiter.....

And where did January go?  Good question. To me, it was Christmas, then New Year's and I thought I was starting the year well, which is what I think every year, but once the month of January had gone by, I wondered, Is this going to be like the others?

Met someone, fell in love, had an unforgivable argument, split up, broke my heart. That was my first month.

Returned to my book, found editors, researched self-publication, e-books, and concept developers.
Agonized over covers and colors and titles.

My dog had surgery, was healing well, developed an infection, and was put on 4 antibiotics and is still recovering.

I continue to think positive, throwing my orders out to the cosmic waiter and waiting for the right one to come back.

It will happen. I just have to wait.

Maybe I have the wrong waiter.  Is that possible?