Sunday, August 26, 2012

Vampires and Zombies

There seems to an obsession with vampires and zombies. I know that I went through all of Anne Rice's
vampire books and can't turn down a good/bad zombie movie. And the rage continues in the media, so I know it's not just me. 

I said I'd deal with prostate issues in this blog, so bare with me. Immortality and sex sound appealing at first, don't they? But, then I thought more about it and what if a vampire went after me and turned me while I had prostate cancer? Would I end up being a prostate sucking vampire? And what about worry? Immortality doesn't obliterate worry. Everlasting worry.  Think about it. 
Pleasure Passes

Plus, I think immortality is over-rated. The undead don't seem very happy to me. They are stuck at that age forever, constantly scaring, chasing, and eating humans. I don't mean to be irreverent about human suffering... It sucks..  But immortality doesn't sound so great either.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Journey Is The Destination

Sorry I've been away so long......I got distracted with things that seemed important at the time, like minor surgery, recovery, self-pity and then the realization that I'm alive again. During this process, the phrase, "The journey is the destination" popped into my consciousness. I've heard this so many times and  often discarded it as another trite psycho-babble phrase, which is ironic since I'm a therapist and can plead guilty to having used it. But just recently, I understood it. I mean really understood it. You know how you can hear or say things and not really pay attention to them  (I know I do, maybe you don't, but I aside you probably don't need, but I'm into word counts these days). 

When I get depressed (it does happen), I wonder, "What have I accomplished. Nothing really. I'm not rich, famous, or successful (that's when I'm really depressed and I need to shake it off, talk to a friend, or hug my dog, sometimes all three)." That's when I realize the profundity of the above post.(It's profound for me, OK?) We all are on a journey, each and everyone of us. We all make choices, take a road less travelled, and use cliches (lol). It's not the destination we need to enjoy because that's the same for everyone in the end. It's the journey. We can control some of it. We can make new choices. We can create our own world. It may be crooked, linear, or sharp, but it is ours. It is most likely different from what we wanted it to be, but that's OK. It's OK because we created it. It just is. It can be anything, even redundant.