Saturday, June 23, 2012

Adventures of a Cancer Stud ..(Searching)

Oscar at age 6.....

(For those of you who have not been following, this is a continuing saga about Oscar who had always been different from the rest)

He had an odd but interesting life filled with adventures and mishaps. In his later years, he had prostate cancer and a penile implant and continued his search for meaning in a meaningless world....Oscar lost his prostate and found Existentialism...

Pablo Immersion
If it wasn't about preference nor size, what was it about? Oscar continued therapy for months with little breakthrough. He tried Picasso immersion, reflexology, affirmations, self-help books, and nude gestalt. All to no avail, other than the nude gestalt which he didn't understand but liked the sound of. He starting ending sentences with prepositions, dangling modifiers, and mixing metaphors. He wrote a memoir and considered a sex change. He knew it was time to seek some heavy-duty help. (Not that there is anything wrong with having a sex change, but Oscar who had just had a penile implant, realized happiness is not contingent on a large sexual organ. Knowing that, he didn't think it would be better not having one. (a sexual organ, that is) Besides, he was cheap at heart and the implant cost him $10,000 cash.)

Peace, Dalai...You want to audition?

He decided to try to get an appointment with the Dalai Lama or Simon Cowell, whichever came first.  As luck would have it, while Oscar was in Burma doing research on the  transformation of Asian tadpoles, he met a fellow researcher who was a third cousin of the sister-in-law who had auditioned for the X-Factor. Her cousin had friended Paula Abdul on Facebook and Sulu (the researcher) thought she could get Oscar an appointment to see Simon. This seemed like a very good idea to Oscar and he decided he was on the right path.
I got your  number, Simon

Friday, June 15, 2012

Erectile Dysfunction Cures

Over the centuries, there have been many ED cures.  The most recent hails from China as illustrated  by the following video regarding Qigong.  I think I'll pass on this one

Monday, June 4, 2012


"I need to find my voice." I've been hearing this a lot and wonder if  this question is part of the collective unconscious. As many people link into social media, androids, and internet, I wonder if people are  losing their individuality. They can easily text, e-mail or forward, but what happened to the art and nuance of conversation.

I've asked people to call me and instead they send me an email. I ask again and still don't get a call. I call them and I go into voice mail. People speak in short phrases, learn shortcuts, and  feel uncomfortable having to express their feelings. Are they also on the way out?  I wonder. In a profession, where communication is key, I can only wonder what the future holds. Will therapy become a series of texts responded to with emoticons?

What am I thinking, very soon, there will be an app for