Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Guy With The Persian Tattoo"

Above are some images of the Persian alphabet. As you can see, the letters are quite intricate and different from the English alphabet. Now imagine having "good luck on your journeys" along with the letter "M" tattooed on your penis.  This is exactly what a 21 yr. old Iranian man had done recently. A declaration of love for his girlfriend (M). Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your perspective, he was left with a side-effect of being perpetually semi-erect  Who can imagine what was going on in his mind when he had this done.  I know when I was 21, I did a lot of crazy things and  I was usually under the influence when I did them. Whatever happens buddy, I wish you happiness and hope she realizes the depth of your passion. May you both have a life filled with dance and love.

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