Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Meaning of Life...

Recently, I learned that my cousin had a stroke,while having brain surgery. She is recuperating and hopefully, with time, hard work, and prayers she will return to normal. Nicole is a fighter and definitely has the determination to do it. Her brother, Chris, has overcome incredible challenges(chris-alt-delete) and I'm sure she will too. She comes from a very brave and loving family.

Although this is not in the same category, my dog looked like he was having a seizure yesterday, and I rushed him to the emergency dog clinic where he stayed the night. I picked him up this morning and he seems to be fine. Apparently something he got into and ate. My point is that I don't think I take the time to realize how precious life is until something happens. I know I'm not alone.  The point of this post is that it is very important for me to try to stay in the moment.

I've been concentrating on my move to Key West which has been my dream for sometime. There are so many details that I got lost in all the minutia. Pack the boxes, donate the furniture, get receipts, change address, etc. that I forgot why I was doing all that.  Frustrated, exhausted, anxious....all of that and more but the final outcome will be Key West.

And so I say how important it is not to get lost in the details and remember the goal. The person is the same person, the dog is the same dog, I am the same me.....

I say to myself, "Take a deep breath, send a note to my cousin, pet my your love NOW.