Saturday, June 22, 2013

Okey- dokey

I have heard this expression being used more than once recently.  Although not new to me, I am amazed at its current frequency.  According to the phrase-finder, it might mean "okay". But the references in which I have heard it have been more in a sense of  a completion of a task, "Okey-dokey", now that we have finished so-and-so, we will be moving on to....." or a response to something the listener finds weird or odd. 

You may be wondering what this has to do with prostate cancer and I have to admit it is a stretch, but anyone who has or has had cancer generally feels isolated or rejected and therefore does not need to feel even more so in today's culture.

Therefore, if anyone says, "okey-dokey" you will be informed and can respond in a knowing response of "okey-dokey' therefore making them feel more "with it". Then again, you may not "give a shit"(a more popular expression) and may think this is a worthless post. You are certainly entitled to your opinion and all I can say is, "okey-dokee".

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Adventures of a Cancer Stud (Oscar and Superman)

When we last left Oscar he had made his big splash in Hollywood after winning lst place on the X Factor.

At first he thought it was for his original voice and rendition of his songs, but then he realized people were only after one thing (sex) and he was tired of it. He decided to pursue a more meaningful life and sought out work with The Huffington Post but was rejected. He knew his work had never reached Arianna's desk but he didn't have the energy to pursue it He needed time to meditate and prioritize his life. Oscar decided to give the Dali Llama a call. As usual, he was on tour but Oscar left a message and soon he found himself comfortably or uncomfortably ensconced in the Dali's retreat.

After three months, he had made some discoveries.  He wasn't sorry for some of the decisions he had made. The Dali had taught him that every experience was necessary to get to the next step of his journey.

The most difficult thing at the monastery for Oscar was trying to keep quiet.  After his implant, winning the X Factor, and parties with the stars, he thought he was special and had a lot to talk about but none of the monks were interested.  Oscar had become a blabbermouth and bragged a lot, but they continued to ignore him. Finally he realized he wasn't that special. (:  At first Oscar felt rejected and he took it personally. Had he made another poor choice? But one of the monks, Henry, took him under his wing. Henry showed him the steps to purity and inner peace. He encouraged Oscar to find happiness without riches. Oscar knew this on one level but he missed having a Mercedes convertible and living in a mansion. Henry asked him to start a 10 day fast and to give up his I Phone. Oscar said he'd rather die.

Henry pointed out that they had a theatre on the premises and recommended he see Superman in The Man of Steel. Oscar found this odd but he went along with it.

Oscar walked out of the movie pumped up. Like Superman, Oscar realized he had been put on this earth for a purpose.  It was important for him to find it. Oscar was creative and tended to go to extremes. He thought he had come from another planet and felt he could fly. 

Luckily, Henry stopped him from jumping off the mountain. Henry and the other monks encouraged Oscar to come down from the mountaintop and stay in the lowlands for a while longer.