Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Paczki (pronounced Ponchkey) Day

Well, if you're Polish, you have already had several of these.  You got up, knew it was Paczki Day, and went to your favorite bakery, and if you didn't order ahead, you waited in line.  You waited with black, Asian, WASPs (I don't know if that's PC anymore), and anyone else who was there.  Everyone's Polish on Paczki Day.  I bought an assortment of poppyseed, jelly, and custard covered with chocolate.  Then I took them to other friends and we sat around eating paczkis.  It was a fine time. Of course, I still have some.  In fact, I think I'll go eat them right now. I'm sure they help cure cancer. If not, they sure make you feel better. Happy Panczki Day everyone.

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