Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Money Flies....

It just seems to disappear faster than I'd like. The other day, it literally happened. I was at the toll booth.
"That will be $8.00 sir.
"Eight dollars!" I had only gone about 2 miles.  I had been prepared to give up to three, but eight. So, I pulled out my wallet and found a five to hand over with the three ones. At that magic moment when money exchanges hands, I saw my five dollar bill float away toward the line of cars behind me As I watched it pass me, I thought, "there goes another five" and was prepared to dig deeper into my wallet. But the toll taker who has probably seen this happen numerous times, said, "You can still get it. It's right there behind your car. I can see it."

Not wanting to lose it, I jumped out of my car, not realizing I hadn't put it into park. I ran for the five, jumped on it so it wouldn't fly away and watched my car move forward.  Oh yeah, and my dog Nathan was jumping around the front seat. Money or Nathan. I ran to my car and caught it just in time. I backed up to the booth, handed her the money. 

"You nearly lost both." Yeah, I nearly did. I was sure I had given her the money initially, and wondered if she had let it go. I thought she had but I could never prove it. Working as a toll taker must get boring. Before I drove away, she seemed to be muffling a laugh, as she said, "Have A Nice Day."

Friday, January 27, 2012


This is what I search for, but alas, it is a pic of the sunset in Maui. Although, not in Maui, I am on my way to Key West. So far, the drive has been uneventful except for being pulled over after 30 minutes into my trip. It seems I took the wrong exit and went through a red light with a cop behind me. (Whoops)  I tried to tell him I was lost, but he said that didn't explain the red light.  I told him I didn't see the sign.  He said that was a big stretch. I finally said, "you're right."  And he said, "Follow me and I'll get you to the right place." Someone just try to tell me there isn't a God out there. 
I drove ten hours and I'm here in wonderful Goodletsville, outside of Nashville. The pool is closed because it is 42 degrees. You may be asking what this has to do with being a Cancer Stud. You have to get peace, quiet, and sun.  You need to relax on the beach. It's all part of the program. Like the cop said, "That's a big stretch."

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Diet and Cancer

I have just finished watching a very controversial film, Forks Over Knives. Essentially it deals with the importance of a plant-based diet as opposed to a fat-based animal diet. Exploring the work of Dr. Esselstyn and others, it showed how diet can stop and reverse heart disease, diabetes, and a number of other diseases. It did not go as far as saying it can cure cancer, but it did feature a 70  year old woman who had breast and bone cancer. She switched her diet and recently won a gold medal in her class for a triathlon. Yeah, yeah, you're saying. I've heard about all these miracle cures and how can it help me now. Maybe it can or maybe it can't. But for all of us who have been diagnosed, treated, endured chemicals, and surgery, I do think it's worth taking a look at. We all know how much advertising and lobbyists control what we see, eat, and believe. When political committees are made up of people who have strong connections with dairy, cattle, and other meat, I think we know what they will encourage and endorse. Studies have statistically shown the increase of cancer, including prostate cancer, as communities switch from plant based to meat based diets. Most Americans, including me, were brought up on meat based meals. Most of my family has high cholesterol, diabetes, and cancer. But, I am not on a "soap box" or maybe I am, but I am going to look into this. If diet can help prevent obesity and a number of diseases, which are now beginning to show up in our children, I think it's time to examine anything which could prevent a number of diseases and lower our prescription bills. I say, "Eat a tomato. Cook up some brown rice. Cut out desserts (well, I'll have to give some serious thought to the last one.) But, do watch, Forks Over Knives.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Guy With The Persian Tattoo"

Above are some images of the Persian alphabet. As you can see, the letters are quite intricate and different from the English alphabet. Now imagine having "good luck on your journeys" along with the letter "M" tattooed on your penis.  This is exactly what a 21 yr. old Iranian man had done recently. A declaration of love for his girlfriend (M). Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your perspective, he was left with a side-effect of being perpetually semi-erect  Who can imagine what was going on in his mind when he had this done.  I know when I was 21, I did a lot of crazy things and  I was usually under the influence when I did them. Whatever happens buddy, I wish you happiness and hope she realizes the depth of your passion. May you both have a life filled with dance and love.