Friday, July 29, 2011

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True...

Recently, I read about an auction where you could land an I Pad for under $100. It could be acquired by being in an auction where you could bid and if you were lucky, you could be the winner. As a writer, I thought how wonderful to get an I Pad for less than $100. Readers beware, be very beware. I read that if I signed up by the end of that day I would be given 152 free bids and if I rushed, I would be given another 25 bids, free. Sounds great, right? Figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. 5 days later, I was sent an e-mail congratulating me on my recent purchase of $99.00. What purchase? I sent them an e-mail. No response. Today, I called and was told the offer was very clear and I had purchased so many bids but because I was unclear, they would only charge me $49.00. I wouldn't accept that and wanted to speak to a supervisor and said I would dispute it. After a few more delays and protests, they finally agreed to give me a full refund. A refund for something I never bought. I  am writing this post is to say stay clear of a company called, Grabswag. Do not, do not, fall their gimmicks. As usual, if it sounds too know the rest.  Avoid, Grabswag.  Oh, and btw, did I say, avoid Grabswag. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dog Days Of Summer....

They are here and I'm going to make the best of them. Got my shades, tanning oil, sunblock, flip-flops, cell, hat, now......if I  could just get Ken to stop bothering me.......

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stay Gentle And Kind

Such a difficult thing to do in today's society and yet is it?  We are exposed to so much grit and gore, it seems impossible to get rid of it, no matter what we do.  And yet, and yet, it is possible. I just finished watching, "So You Think You Can Dance," and the performances were brilliant and the dancers were dedicated to their art. That is where I see the gentleness and kindness. In our striving to do one's best, no matter what life throws at us. There are times I say, "Why me?" and maybe the answer is because you can handle it, even though I feel I can't. Think about where you were five years ago and where you are now. Things have changed, whether for bad or worse, but they have changed and we have adapted. It's not easy but I think if one absorbs and adjusts, rather than fight the enemy, one can survive. The enemy may be cancer, a bad relationship, depression, bankruptcy and they may seem unsurmountable, but isn't it better to fight with kindness than with rancor and hate. I think so. I know I find it hard to do at times but the choices aren't good. Bitterness, complaining, selfishness. I know I have been in those bottom three a number of times and it doesn't make me feel better. When I take a moment and am gentle and kind , I find I am in touch with God. A God that makes me remember there is more in the world than me. Think about it. Try it.  Kiss someone close to you, smile at someone who looks forlorn, say a kind word to someone who needs it. Make the world a better place.

Monday, July 25, 2011


We've all heard the word, but how does it apply to today's world.  According to Wikipedia, it refers to the honesty, truthfulness and accuracy of one's.actions. It is often considered the opposite of hypocrisy. I believe that today, hypocrisy has become so common, we've forgotten what integrity is. We know it when we hear or see it, but it is no longer considered expected. Hearing the President's speech about passing an acceptable budget asking everyone to make some sacrifices, rather than counting on the middle class, is a perfect example. Washington's decisions could effect the world's economy, not just ours. At this point of time, the last thing we need is a default of the American economy, higher interest rates, and a loss of more jobs. I find it hard to believe that some members of Congress refuse to cooperate in order to prove their point or stick it to the President. We're not in the sandbox anymore. We are adults who need to remember the importance of the right decision, the decision that shows that as a Nation, we have integrity.  This decision will affect many of our programs, including health, education, and  services. I no longer care what your ideology is, I care that you follow your heart and do the right thing. You'll know what that is if you have integrity. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Erectile Dysfunction Breakthrough

The FDA recently approved a device that may be helpful to those with mild to moderate ED. It will be sold this summer.  Although I have not used it, I think it is worth looking into. The company states that it is safe and has no side effects.  If it brings circulation to the area and works with the autonomic nerve system, this could be a breakthrough for all who suffer from ED.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ain' Got No......I Got Life

One of all time favorites.......You're right.  It's Saturday night and it's time to party.....Let's dance.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Oscar's Sadness

As we continue Oscar's path, he is about to enter high-school, and he wanted to review his life up to this point. (He was having existential struggles at the age of thirteen) "How do I leave my legacy? Does philosophy and nihilism exist. Or is that a construct I've invented to cope with this existence?" As you can see, Oscar thought outside the box. 

But the sadness is not over these matters. He knew the nuns liked him. They even let him see  their Little Infant Of Prague ( a rare site even for Oscar).
The Little Infant reigns supreme in one of the nooks of the nunnery. They treat him as if he were alive. (Lucky Oscar. He got to see their behavior early in life and thought of nuns as holy, although holy may not be the exact word he was thinking. The reason for Oscar's sadness concerned The Rapture. The nuns wanted to see God in their lifetime. If that person actually did, he would be considered a saint, and as much as Oscar tried, he could not see Him. Once, Oscar thought he saw God riding a Harley. Later, everyone realized he had a high fever and chills and was just hallucinating. So Oscar was sad he was not a saint at thirteen. He finally decided that if were not a saint by the age of sixteen, he would give up his dream. It would be sad but, "Who's on the phone? Tell Dennis I'll be right there." Oscar decided there was no reason to be sad. His friend was on the phone and Oscar wanted to make plans for Saturday night. (To be continued...)

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I recently went through some serious back pain. Actually, I am still experiencing it. And I tend to forget how fragile I am. We all are. Health is something we take for granted until we get sick. After that, it all becomes relative. Hopefully, I'll be feeling better soon. It has made me stop some doing some of the things I take for granted. Moving a sofa, lifting my dog, carrying groceries). So for all you out there who are healthy and for those of you who are not, take a moment. We don't always have to be busy. Take time to listen, breathe, smell the flowers. It's a beautiful world. Especially if we take time to enjoy it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I've been through a number of cameras in my life and the last one was a digital.  I always ask the same questions: "Is it easy to use?  Is it Mac compatible? Of course after a demonstration, I come home and have no idea what he said.  But here's my point.  Back in the '50's, they were making great cameras. Every detail showed and if it was too dark you used a flash. We passed through poloroid cameras, where the film cost more than the camera. I went through college without many pics, and then more time passed
and the digital came out.  
I recently went to a party and one of my cousins snapped a few and asked me how I liked them.  I didn't. No wonder they put in that delete button.  I sure use that a lot.  Another thing is that photos seem to show sagging flesh, sagging. Now, I know that isn't accurate. When I shave in the morning, I think not bad.  Then I get a pic taken and say, "That's bad." That's when I decided it's not me, it's the camera. My cousin, Butch said, "It doesn't make you more handsome."  Maybe not, but it's not supposed to make you that old either.  So, I don't see any point of pics,  unless they are of birdlife or flowers. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Oscar's Dreams (4)

Oscar's parents wanted him to go to  a prep school taught by Jesuits. When he came to the open house, one of the teachers asked him what he wanted to go into.  Oscar had prepared himself for this question, and barely squeaked out, "Architectural Engineering. But the professor had a follow-up, "And what is that exactly?Oscar realized he was no longer dealing with the nuns but with professors who would challenge him and make him learn.

New beginnings are filled with hope, surprises, and an experiences one does not forget. Oscar found himself withdrawing into a shell.  He was awkward, pubescent, and lost. He finally met one friend who one would consider "strange."  They ate lunch together, laughed, made snide comments, and seemed to be with each other.  But as chance would have it, Oscar found another group of friends, who were cool and were even recognized by the jocks.  Oscar left his friend to be with the hip crowd.  Most of this crowd were rich, living in affluent suburbs of Detroit. Oscar's family didn't have the money, but his crowd didn't care. They had study dates together, lunched, and most important played pinochle. Oscar's self esteem was on an upswing and then he heard about sock hops. The school had one almost every Friday night, and Oscar was sure to be there along with his friends.  Oscar loved to dance. It gave him a sense of joy like no other. U.of D, being all male, they would often invite a sister school that was all female.  Soon, Oscar was in his element. Dances started around 7 and ended around11.Oscar never stopped dancing and met many teenage girls who were thrilled to be asked to dance. He danced into his senior year. He hung out in the student lounge where they could smoke play cards. And it was legal.

Oscar had taken 4 yrs. of Latin, all the required sciences and had done well with the SATS.The majority of the graduating class went to University of Detroit. which was only 2 miles away. Oscar wanted to go to Michigan State. The professors refused to give him a letter of recommendation, saying the only way to move on was to go to University of Detroit.(a Catholic university.) But, Oscar was not so easily dissuaded and he did get into Michigan State despite his professors lack of cooperation. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Cancer Stud......(3)

Oscar continued his Catholic school training for eight years. Each year, a different nun was in charge of the room. This did not mean he escaped notice from the other nuns. By the time he got to eighth grade, he was convinced that if he said or did anything wrong, the earth would open and he would plunge directly to hell. This caused him much stress. As a male teenager, he seemed to have a hard-on most of the time. He tried to wear big shirts and loose pants, but unfortunately, the fashion was tight pegged pants,  He developed terrible posture, trying to bend and keep his member hidden. Member? Did he belong to a special club? (As a matter of fact he did. The world of all teenagers,) Wearing black framed glasses, his face constantly twitching and twisting, Other guys started  having girlfriends and although he knew this was considered normal, every time he approached a girl, they would shun him. This continued to chip away at his low self-esteem. He would return home each day and throw himself into his books. Then he discovered the library and thought he had finally gone to heaven. He lived in a blue collar, low middle neighborhood. Most fathers worked in factories and ate pierogi and kielbasa for dinner (Polish staples). 

He started spending his free time at the library, reading books which took him sailing with pirates, fighting the Wild West, and traveling on a Magic Carpet.  He had one friend who lived about a mile away who seemed to like the same things he did like bouncing a golf ball a hundred times straight on the concrete step in front of his house without stopping. Sometimes he developed a terrible headache but he thought even worse things might happen if he didn't accomplish his task each day. On weekends, he knew he had to complete the task twice a day. Otherwise, his family might die or he could develop farts in church. Everything changed once he started high-school.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th ......

                                Happy 4th of July.  Enjoy your holiday.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weather permitting...

Recently, Chicago has been struck with severe storms. Last Thursday, the storm was so bad, it knocked out many windows in  high-rises along the Lake. It was truly raining cats and dogs. I'm not one that usually talks about weather or religion unless I have to. In fact, we have had so many warnings lately, I tend to ignore them. I also do not believe that Revelations has heralded the beginning of the Apocalypse. I do not expect The Four Horsemen, Jesus suddenly appearing for a final accounting, or Lake Michigan suddenly turning blood red. It does make me aware of global warming and the many changes that have occurred such as our blizzard in February which stopped the City. But, finally, there is nothing to do about it but adjust. I have visions of Waterworld and don't see myself doing well in that evironment since I like hotels over camping, and cars over hiking. So, I'm just going to "go with it" and enjoy the ride. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Adventures of A Cancer Stud (cont'd)

I mentioned earlier that there would be a surprise at the end of the week. I will be writing something about the Cancer Stud every Friday.  Join me as we follow the Cancer Stud and his adventures. Last week, I gave a quick summary of the Stud, Oscar, but it is important to know more about him.

Oscar had not been good in sports and the only reason the boys tolerated him was because he let them copy his homework. The girls liked him since he enjoyed playing jacks, hopscotch, and dress-up. He was too young to know that Broadway show tunes existed. Oscar's father wanted him to be like other boys. He dragged him to baseball games, kicking and screaming, and forced him to play. "You swing like a girl. You can't catch a ball, sissy."  After one too many jeers, Oscar climbed the fence behind home plated attempting to escape the torture.  The coach eventually coaxed him to come down and told his father that he didn't think he was cut out to play baseball. His father cursed under his breath, took him home, and ignored him the rest of the week. Oscar was confused. He knew it was something all the other boys did but he hated it. He'd rather read or dance. What his father had forgotten, or tried to forget, was that when he five, his father had asked him to wear a grass skirt and do the hula. Oscar obeyed and people thought he was funny. Dancing= funny, sports= cruelty. In some ways, his father had contributed to his identity crisis, unknowingly. Or perhaps, his father had secret wishes to wear the skirt.

 Oscar would never know. Instead, he began having nightmares and walking in his sleep. Once he woke up and realized he was peeing in his father's shoes. His father was quite angry about this. But, Oscar had been sleep walking and could not be held accountable for his actions.

His mother instilled a fear of germs. He washed his hands numerous times a day, especially after urinating. That was considered very dirty. "Did you wash your hands, Oscar? Oh yes, mommy. I spent a long time soaping them to make sure everything was killed."

When Oscar began kindergarten, the teacher couldn't get him to take a nap because he was too busy washing his hands. When she brought this to his mother's attention, she was very pleased and definitely thought washing was certainly much more important than napping. That afternoon, she took Oscar shopping to get him a very special treat, a Fels Naptha soap bar. It was known to kill every single thing it touched

Oscar grew up thinking germs could kill you on the spot and it was very important to stay clean at all times. This idea was also enforced when he went to Catholic school.