Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

On Easter morning, our family would go to Easter Mass and once we returned home we would celebrate a Polish tradition.

The day before, we had taken a basket of assorted foods to our local parish and had it blessed at an appointed time. Usually, we saw our neighbors there who were doing the same in preparation for Easter Sunday.

As we gathered in the living room or kitchen, my mother would start by saying,Chrystus ZmartwychwstaƂ” (Christ is risen)" usually to my father and he would respond with: “Prawdziwie zmartwychwstaƂ!” (Truly He is risen). This would then be passed on to each of us kids and then we were to say the same to each other. This usually involved a kiss and a hug, followed by an English, "Happy Easter."  Then each of us sampled each item in the basket which symbolized Christ's suffering until his Resurrection. Once this was finished, we usually settled in to a large Easter breakfast.

It is a wonderful tradition which is still practiced by members of my family today. With that in mind, I wish each of you a Happy Easter or as my mother would say, "Christus Zmartwychwstal."

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